Taking care of myself


It’s Memorial Day! A three day weekend is exactly what I needed. About three weeks ago, something quite significant happened. It’s still ongoing, and if I’m being honest, I’m unsure of what will come of it all. I am a firm believer in that good will always win and that it’s best to be open and honest. However, I also realize that sometimes you can’t witness good winning (or karma happening). Sometimes that comes over time and you may not even be around when it happens. And you know what? It’s a challenge! Relying on blind faith and knowing the Universe has my back is hard. On the flip side, it’s really opened me up in a way I don’t think I’ve opened up. It was an invitation to really take a look at myself and my surroundings. What am I doing right now? Is what I’m doing in this moment helping and/or guiding me to somewhere I plan (or would like) to be in the near future? Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

In the moments of feeling uneasy, I’m also feeling motivated because I realize how much I want change in this area. It’s also scary. You know, the great unknown.

I spent today grocery shopping. Foods that are delicious and also good for me. Planning out my meals this week. I took time to paint my nails and listened to a podcast. And while these things seem hum-drum things for some, for me it’s truly self-care. These are things I wouldn’t do for myself regularly because on some subconscious level I decide I’m not important enough to make time for. So quick and fast food it is and zoning out to a TV show that doesn’t challenge my brain until I’m asleep.

Self-care and mental health are so important to me. I spend so much time on it in my job and with those around me. Yet, I’m lacking when it comes to myself.

As mentioned, I’m struggling with making the right choices. How do I know if I do this that it’s the right decision for the future? How am I confident that I’ll be OK if I decide on that? Trusting my intuition and heart can be challenging for me because I like to have instant results and for things to be easy. But that’s not how life is.

This book came in the mail. Addressed to me. I was confused – I’m not 100% certain why this marketing manager chose to send this. But it was exactly what I needed. A book about true stories involving courage and risk. Facing the unknown. The Universe really knows how to nudge you, huh?


So, here we are. June is on the rise and tomorrow is the start of new, short week. I find myself repeating something my guides have told me, “Keep moving forward” and then I read a note from the Universe:

Rising suns and babbling brooks.  

Tropical forests and sleeping meadows.  

Modern marvels and scientific breakthroughs. 

Exciting discoveries and limitless frontiers.  

Devoted friends and caring strangers.  

Lives and loves and souls to hold so close, one’s own heart could burst. 

Can you even count the splendors, Alex?
    The Universe

I’m still awaiting something good coming from the last entry. And I know something is coming. I can feel it in my bones.

“Keep moving forward, Alex”. 

Love, love.

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