seven, psychics, and feelings, oh my!

“You deserve to be in spaces and relationships that make you happy. That feed your soul and help you grow. You are worthy of connections that are loving, nourishing, kind, and authentic. So before you settle for anything less than, remind yourself that the places you visit, and the people you journey with through life, should make you feel safe, loved, and enough. ” – Alex Elle

I was chatting with my co-worker during a down moment in our office. I confided in her how I couldn’t get this moment and person out of my head. I needed to know more, more, more. I also found it odd that this moment I was thinking of coincided with another moment seven years prior.

“I feel like seven is significant here. Like… you need to figure out what seven means. In the bible it symbolizes completion. I’m pretty sure … hold on, let me Google it!” She went on to read about people who are number sevens (numerology).

I thought these traits sounded familiar, but I felt like we were getting off track. I asked her if she even knew what numerology was and she shrugged and said, “No… what is it?” I laughed and explained and then we looked up her number. It was eerily accurate. “I need to know what your’s is now!” I added everything up and we looked at each other, “Seven”. She grabbed my hands, “SEVEN. ALEX, YOU ARE THE SEVEN!” you would’ve thought she saw a ghost.

Turns out the person I can’t get out of mind is also a seven. And the events? Seven years a part.

Now, my great grandmother was a native healer in her time and did tarot readings. A gift that she claimed to be passed down to my mother and then me. When I read that sevens are spiritual and their need to know more and psychic abilities, I couldn’t help but think of my Mom, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. When I got home I immediately did the math and my mom and Grandmother are both sevens.

This coupled with just feeling different lately – I mentioned this in my last post. I felt like I needed some new crystals and have just been having these feelings of change. Something new yet familiar is coming up. And honestly? While I feel like I may have a clue, I also truly don’t have a clue.

Don’t you ever get that feeling? Like something huge is about to happen? Something good and great? Like, you can feel it in your bones and in your being? But what? What is it?? I just wanna know!

Oh, life. Help a girl out, will ya!



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