We don’t deserve health care!

I am exhausted. Anyone else??

Yesterday might have been one of the most depressing days yet. We took healthcare away from 24 million Americans. I type “we”, but then I think, “Don’t include me in that hatred!”

It absolutely hurts my heart and my core to see people getting treated as if they’re less than. It leaves me confused. It leaves me disheartened and discouraged. It leaves me enraged and in fear.

How can people think this is right? That this is OK? I have a shirt from several years ago from Amnesty International that says, “Health care is a human right!” and it’s so nuts that this is still relevant.

In other news, my local radio station was talking about Cinco de Mayo this morning and asked Mexican and Mexican-Americans their take on the holiday and if it’s offensive to wear mustaches, ponchos, sombreros, etc. I decided to text in because- duh. Yes, that shit is offensive. And ignorant. Especially now – you know – while our government is trying to build a wall. Ugh.

Y’all. THE RADIO STATION BLOCKED ME. I wasn’t rude. I did what they asked the audience to do. All I could do was laugh as how asinine it was. So, now I’m in search of something to listen to in the mornings that’s positive and uplifting. If you got anything, I’m all ears.

Tomorrow I’m going to spend the entire day at Disney and it’s supposed to be gorgeous outside. I can’t wait to spend the day in the sun, eating delicious treats, and spending the day laughing with the best people.

I still have to be careful though since I’m a pre-existing condition now and soon won’t be able to afford the doctor. Am I being too much? Nah. Heavy on the eye roll.

Happy weekend! But really… be careful out there.


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