Last week was weird.

Hold up. Actually, … April was weird. April showers?

Given that April is my birthday month and despite the awful things I’ve experienced in April, I always look forward to it. But this year? April was throwing me all kinds of crap.

The first week I was bed ridden with an upper respiratory infection and sinus infection. I’d never experienced head pain like that before and to top if off, I didn’t realize I had developed an allergy to amoxicillin thus sending my body into hell. There was a moment where I’m pretty sure death seemed like a better option.

Due to me missing so much work and needing to catch up, I then decided I would work eight days in a row, ten hours a day straight. STRAIGHT. I feel like no one should work that much unless you’re like, saving lives. And I can assure you I’m not in that line of work.

That took me straight into my birthday weekend. I’ve spoken about this on past blogs, but I’ve just never really gotten into my birthday, and then I really fucked it all up when I found out I was pregnant one year days after my birthday. It feels like nothing I do ever goes right or feels right. But I will say this year it was a lovely day. Super low key which is my style. We had breakfast at a character breakfast at a Disney resort and spent the day frolicking around the Magic Kingdom.

Of course following my birthday week was the dreaded week. I wrote about it here if you’re interested. On top of memories, triggers, and trauma I had to deal with the DMV. So you know, more Hell on Earth.

Before I knew it, I was slapping April on the toosh goodbye with the good ol’ Justin meme, “It’s gonna be MAY”. See ya next year, girl!

I did get some new crystals one of those weeks. I’ve spent the last week of April setting my intentions, spending time inviting things I need and want into my life, asking the Universe to guide me, and I can feel something good coming from it.

Maybe April showers do bring May flowers. 😉


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