2017: Best Year Yet?

If you think 2017 is the best year yet, I have news. You’re a white rich male. Because 2017 has been rotten thus far for anyone not in that category or it’s headed toward rotten-ville. Middle fingers to you, Trump.

Before I opened up a draft, I decided to read my blogs from December. I read this and my heart fluttered:

“Please remember to water yourself, Alex. Every flower needs water, kindness, and space to grow.”

It’s exactly what I needed to read. My new year was pretty lovely. I spent it with my best friend, taking pictures and boomerangs of sparklers, watching countdowns, mini champagne bottles, and sleeping shortly after midnight. Definitely better than previous years where I find myself anxious and in tears.

January I was headstrong with using a planner (like, for real, go me). I got work related news that validated my motto for 2017 :health, wealth, balance and love. I kept reminding myself to stay humble. If it happens, it will all happen in March (one month away). My co-worker is 100% confident everything will work in our favor. However, I think I’m too scared to put all of my eggs in that basket and it not turn out like we envisioned. Nothing is worse than banking on something that doesn’t work out. Maybe that’s something else I need to work on.

Mid-January I think my positive energy kind of dissipated. A bunch of realizations like, Oh, yeah, Alex. Remember when you were going to “arrive” to 30 and be all healthy and fit? And it’s almost a year after 30 and you’ve gained weight and are still at rock bottom? Psh, loser. What if work doesn’t pan out? Back at square one feeling lost and confused. It’s gotta suck being single, old, and feeling like you need a new career change. Ha. And that my friends, is how you work yourself up and into a downward spiral.

HOWEVER. It’s almost mid-February and I can recognize what’s happening. Which is pretty awesome to catch this in the second month of the year with 10 more months to go versus the sixth month, right? I need someone to give me a hug and a gold star and probably words of affirmation.

So this Sunday has been spent meal prepping. A sushi date with my room mate. And some planning for the week ahead with goals to move in ways that feel good. Also, a possible coffee date with a handsome fella depending on how I feel.

So while 2017 might be rotten. I can recognize that there are things in my little corner that I can control. And that’s what I’m going to desperately try to do. Even if it means every month I have to pick myself back up and start again.

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