The Natural Deodorant Struggle

The title says it all. For about a year now I have struggled to find the perfect natural deodorant. I can’t even get into the billion YouTube videos I watched reviewing them all. Or the reviews I read online about which one worked the best.

ONE YEAR. At times I got so annoyed I just gave up and bought my go-to Degree. After all, who cares if I’m swiping my underarms with aluminum and cancer?? I mean, I’m sure the food, skincare, and air I breathe on the daily is no better. Then I’d feel bad, do more research, and try out another brand.

I F I N A L L Y found one! Schmidt’s for those on the same boat as me. It works, it works, it works! I found myself not getting unbearably wet, there was NO smelliness (praise), and the aroma’s I tried were everything. So….

I was devastated when I realized after putting it on my underarms felt warm and irritated. I realized a few days in I was super irritated and red; I almost looked like I had been burned and my skin was raw. Ouch!

Then came the discoloration. A friend experienced this same thing and told me to push through. It didn’t feel normal so I looked it up and found that it’s a common reaction to baking soda! But no one seems to know why the underarms become thick and discolored. Damnit! Why do I have to have sensitive skin??

Pass, pass, pass. So, I’m back to square one and thinking maybe this just isn’t for me. I’m throwing up my discolored, burned sad underarms and getting back on the poisonous deodorant train. I’m feeling so defeated!

Of course any suggestions or advice are appreciated. Some things just aren’t meant to be I suppose. Natural deodorant included.


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