Raw Honey Sunday v.5

This past week has me wishing so deeply that I could open up a home. A home for people who need a place to live until they can get back on their feet. With around the clock mental health care and resources to help them get out of the4f2aa007a10ebdfb92ce9de95f25086e.jpg hole they’re in financially.

It makes me realize just how incredibly blessed I am. Even in my moments of despair or complete brokenness I still have an amazing support system. They won’t let me slip away. They may not be able to fix what I’m going through in those moments, but their love is enough to let me know I am not alone. I have so much love and support that even in my darkest times, I know there is light around me.

It’s heartbreaking to know some people don’t have this. There is no safety net for them to fall into. In my job, there’s too many in need for me to be that safety net for, and it can get frustrating and overwhelming. This is where my deep wish for a home comes into play.

I think it would be magical to have a large home for the students I come into contact with. Who are facing eviction, are homeless, in between jobs, etc., and just need that “buffer” in between falling and the safety net. Nine times out of ten the individuals are also suffering from mental health challenges and can 100% benefit from therapy.

How beautiful would this community be. Individuals who are receiving care and learning how to get out of this slump and receiving the tools to use to never return. Building community through dinners and gardening and house chores.

One day, Alex. One day.

Happy Sunday! xox



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