It’s here!

We are three whole days into 2016! THREE. I’m trying to go through every day as slowly as I can. I have been on vacation since Christmas Eve. That’s just enough time to get into the groove of staying up late, sleeping in, doing absolutely nothing, and getting used to doing what you want when you want. I’m trying not to spiral into a depression today thinking about waking up at 6:00 am tomorrow and starting a work week. The next vacation for my job is in July!

I know resolutions are hokey and poked fun at. Nothing to take seriously after the first week or two of January. I also suppose every one’s technical new year begins on their actual birthday. So if you aren’t feelin’ it now – that’s OK. Your time is coming. Plenty of time to bloom.

I do have some goals for this year. Some are ~omg so typical. But you know what? I don’t care. I also promised myself to “show up” to thirty. That’s in April. I gotta get movin’!

FEEL BETTER. What a loaded goal! I would love nothing more than to obtain my idea of a dream body. It will come with time. But my main goal is to just feel better. In October I went vegan for a month. It was smooth sailing until I hit Halloween and our party had me wanting all the dairy and meat. It went really well though and I enjoyed it! I’ll be ditching all animal based foods again this month. I’m also doing Yoga Camp! Being kinder to myself with food and health is key!

SELF CARE. This kind of goes hand in hand with feeling better. I really want 2016 to be all about self care. I often get lost in my head with negative talk. I’ll replay scenarios in my head and think of all the ways I went wrong. What I could’ve said, what I should’ve done. It becomes torture! I really came into the idea of self care in 2015. But I want to immerse myself in it this year. I want to be gentle with myself when I think I should “punish” myself. I want to do things that feel good and not feel like I’m “being bad” or “being careless”. I want to process my feelings more. I also want to really focus on my mental health and start with walking around the lake outside of my house more. I was going through a tough time last year in the summer and took to walking around the lake. It felt incredible to have fresh air, get my body moving, and let my mind just drain of all of its thoughts.

GET OUT. This may be one of the hardest goals. Especially since I will need to find a balance between allowing myself to stay in and accepting that it is OK and that sometimes – I need to get out! I toyed with this almost exactly a year ago. I never said no to getting invited out by this guy I was dating. While I don’t think you should ALWAYS say yes, it was kinda nice always doing something. Again, self care: I don’t want to force myself to do anything I absolutely do not want to do. But I need to try new things. I need to not always choose my apartment over an experience out with friends!

So those are my main three things. I’m sure if I sat here any longer I could manage to write a novel of all the things I start doing. But start small! Too many things becomes overwhelming and you throw in the towel before you even begin.

I want to treat myself like my friend. A really good friend who means the world to me and deserves nothing but the very best.